As a competent partner in electromechanical solutions, SINADRIVES provides innovative products for fast and precise positioning.

Thanks to Standart Plug & Play linear units and our direct drive technology, we can offer customized and flexible solutions, for packaging, plastics, pharmaceutical, or photovoltaic sectors.

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In this section you can discover our range of products with electric linear actuators.

Achsportal, Flächenportal, Mehrachssystem, Hand-habungssystem, Linienportal, Linearmotorsystem

In this section you will discover our range of multi-axis systems with linear motor stages.

air bearing linear motor system

In this section you will discover our variety of solutions for special projects.

Motor torque. MRTT60028

In this section you will discover our variety of torque motors and rotary tables.

Discover our specialities: linear motion solutions with applications for all types of industry.


Deflection calculation
ISO 3, Functional Safety, UL CE, CSA


The implementation of customer-specific solutions in the field of linear technology is one of the core competencies of SINADRIVES. Experienced product developers work together with the customer to find the best and most economical solution.

At the same time, in addition to the large selection of our standard products, we can offer special solutions.

This can be done from the small modification of a standard product to the development of an independent individual solution.

The concept of the individual solution supports our customers in the design, construction and assembly. The application is implemented safely and economically with our products and can then be completely delivered by us.

All of our linear motor units contain the following components of a linear motor stages: base profile, linear motor, magnets, guide rail, measuring system and connector.

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2009, 2022

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SINADRIVES will be taking part in Motek 2022

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Three-dimensional precision

Hello Mechatronitians,

Welcome to the latest post on the Sinadrives blog.

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Reduce assembly and internal inspection times with SINADRIVES deployment processes, systems, and prefabricated assemblies.

Benefit from the market leader’s experience for all your linear and rotary motions.

Técnico de SINADRIVES montando un prouecto especial a través de etapas con motor lineal.
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