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Daniel Navarro
Daniel Navarro
Product Manager

The Sinadrives staff is made up of consolidated technicians within the industrial automation sector. Our team of linear motor experts answers any relevant questions. You can also access the Sinadrives LinkedIn page.

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For more information related to the industrial uses of this technology, you can access our page regarding the different applications for actuators or electric linear motors.

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On this page, you can find the latest products made through electric linear motors.


On this page, you can find the latest products made through electric linear motors.

Achsportal, Flächenportal, Mehrachssystem, Hand-habungssystem, Linienportal, Linearmotorsystem

In this section you will discover our range of multi-axis systems with linear stages.

air bearing linear motor system

In this section you can discover our range of products with electric linear actuators.

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In this section you can discover our variety of torque motors and rotary tables.