On this page, you can find the latest products made through electric linear motors.

Standard products for linear motion.


In this section you can discover our range of products with electric linear actuators.


Why you should choose Sinadrives standard linear modules?

Linear axes with linear motors form the core of any automation. There are hardly any limits to these components, from simple palletizing jobs to complex loading devices. For this reason, it is especially important to choose the right linear axis for each task, and we will be happy to assist you.

Gantry systems with linear actuators.

Achsportal, Flächenportal, Mehrachssystem, Hand-habungssystem, Linienportal, Linearmotorsystem

In this section you will discover our range of multi-axis systems with linear stages.


Why you should choose Sinadrives multi-axis systems with actuators?

Axis systems offer at least two linear directions of movement for exact positioning. There are different series for different target applications. A high level of positioning and repetition accuracy and proper movement dynamics form the basis for successful system integration.

Custom linear motion solutions.

air bearing linear motor system

In this section you will discover our variety of solutions for special projects.


Why you should carry out a special linear motion project with Sinadrives?

If you need a linear shaft with special dimensions, we can offer you a special solution. With our extensive know-how and modern CAD software, we can implement your wishes in no time. Since the control of our linear axes is compatible with the interfaces of almost all measurement systems.

Torque motor / rotary table solutions.

Motor torque. MRTT60028

In this section you will discover our variety of torque motors and rotary tables.


Why you should choose the Sinadrives torque motors / rotary tables?

Also known as rotary tables, they offer machine builders an excellent option for performing rotary applications without the need to use a reducing mechanism. The assembly consists of a direct-drive motor integrated in the aluminium housing, crossed-roller bearings, a high-precision encoder and connectors.

Do you need more information about solutions or applications that work through linear motion?

For more information related to the industrial uses of this technology, you can access our page regarding the different applications for actuators or electric linear motors.

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Example of linear motor stage for laser cutting industry.

Example of linear motor stage