When you are looking for a motor in general, and a linear motor stage in particular, one of the most important features to look after is force. The force limits the maximum load you can move and the maximum acceleration you can reach.

Force formula

The well-known formula Force = mass per acceleration (F = m.a) is the main principle relating the force to the load to be moved as well as to the thrust a motor can provide. This formula is also valid to explain the physical features of linear motor movement. So, if for a given force, you want to increase your acceleration, you do so by reducing the mass. Conversely, you can move a larger mass by decreasing the acceleration.

Maximize available force

A matter you have to pay attention to when using this formula, is that ”mass” includes not only your load, but also the weight of the motor and other pieces that you affix onto the moving stage. Therefore, in order to maximize the available force, it’s very important that the moving set is as compact as possible. This saves place, sure, but also saves mass and allows for higher accelerations. Compactness and light weight are two winning features of linear motors, when compared with other solutions, as their accessories make for more cumbersome and heavy systems.

The special design of SINADRIVES’ linear motor stages reduces the weight of the moving set and, through this optimization, we may then use this plus in Force to achieve higher accelerations or moving heavier loads…. so, if you want to exactly know how we use the Force at SINADRIVES, get in touch with us!

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