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Linear axes with linear motor for packaging industry

Linear axes with linear motor for the packaging industry

The packaging industry is an essential one to any economy: everything has to be packed. With the strong upcoming of online commerce, the packaging sector is experiencing one of its best times of growth. Items sold via Internet first have to be picked up from the shelves, grouped according to orders, and then packed. All this must be performed in an automated way. The use of linear motors and linear axes with linear motor is justified by the high cadences and the requirement of very short cycles.

A special feature of the packaging sector is the matter of cost. The sector is badly hit by low prices and shrinking margins. By means of linear axes with linear motor, the manufacturer gets a higher productivity (more pieces per minute) with little maintenance. SINADRIVES systems and axes with linear motors make it possible to increase machine availability in a safe way and in the long run.

Linear axes with linear motor for packaging industry

Applications of linear axes with linear motor in the packaging industry

Packaging applications usually stand out for their dynamics and precision, hence the use of a linear motor, which allows both features to be the at the highest level by nowadays’ standards. In addition to the main motion types, format-adjusting applications have grown very popular.

Main advantages of the use of linear axes with linear motor

Direct Drive technology (linear motors) brings the following advantages to the packaging machinery:

– Improvements in dynamics: speed, acceleration and precision

– Greater machine availability and very low maintenance

– Size reduction and space-saving solutions

“Clean room” certification

Compatibility of the linear motor with servo drives and control drivers

Most packaging machines are controlled by a PLC with motion control functions. Linear axes with linear motor work with a direct encoder integrated in the carriage, thus ensuring an easy motion control with a lower following error.

Most popular applications in the packaging machinery industry with linear motor axes

All linear or rotary motion applications can be performed by a linear axes with Direct Drive technology:

– Case packers

– Flow Pack

– Palletizing

– Pick and Place

– Picking / Handling

At SINADRIVES we are happy to perform any test that you request us to show you the advantages you can get.

Future trends and projects in the packaging sector

Due to the large relevance of the packaging sector within the industrial sector, many customized developments are offered so as to give it competitive solutions. Some simplified solutions allow for cost savings and improved core performance. The packaging machinery manufacturer is aware that s/he has to improve on dynamics and precision. Why not Take advantage of our competence and experience in this field? Put linear axes integrated with linear motor to the test thanks to our knowledge and experience!