Project Description

Linearmotor in der Automobilindustrie

The automotive industry shows a great demand for innovation, technology and a pressure to reduce costs. At SINADRIVES we offer advanced solutions that are up to the most demanding positioning applications. By using linear motor stages, the machine builder gets long term and competitive advantages.

Using linear motor stages in the automotive industry

The use of linear stages with direct drive motor in the automotive industry dates back to the 80s, when the then-existing technology was not yet ready for serial consumption. These machines were tailor-made and too expensive so they just provide a competitive edge to highly demanding applications. Many years have passed since then and the technology has enormously evolved towards simplicity.

Compatibility with Servo Drives

From an electronic and commissioning point of view, the linear motor stages are compatible with the most popular servo drives made by the most popular and used brands in the sector. This allows for an easy integration not only into new machines, but also into existing systems in order to improve productivity and reduce maintenance. We at SINADRIVES give you the necessary support to carry out any commissioning of our equipment with on-site technical assistance. As an option, we also offer cables.

The main advantages of using linear stages with direct drive motor

Some of the advantages that a linear stage with direct drive motor brings to the industry are:

– Greater speed, acceleration and precision

– Reduction of maintenance and update stops

– Components and spare parts approved by the manufacturers

– Improved efficiency and performance

Most common applications in the automotive sector made with linear stages

There is a number of applications in which the linear stage brings in the advantages of direct drive technology. Here are some examples:

– Feeding of presses and automated processes

– Assembly systems for pumps, motors and other components

– Cutting systems for airbags, textiles or sound-absorbing materials

– Quality control systems

– Test systems: Crash test, durability, wearing

If you have any questions or need to check the advantages a linear motor solution may provide, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical department will advise you about sizing, selecting and commissioning your linear motor system.

Future trends and projects in the automotive industry

As the electric car emerges, new challenges appear. Here we talk about precision improvements, application dynamics improvements and new functionalities for the Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. In this context, we highlight the functionalities below, in which the SINADRIVES technicians are competent and experienced. We help the industry by integrating the following solutions in their processes in order to get competitive advantages:

– Applications with safety classification (up to SIL 3 – performance level D)

 Clean room certified applications (up to ISO 3)

– Highly precise positioning and high repeatability

– Predictive maintenance